SH Airport Board

Created in 1983, the purpose of the South Haven Area Airport Authority is to plan, promote, acquire, construct, improve, enlarge, own and maintain the airport; to own and operate an airport including land, landing strip, navigational aids and buildings; to provide efficient service to all who use the facility; and to initiate and maintain rules and regulations for the operation of the authority and the airport.

The membership of the authority consists of the City of South Haven, City of Bangor, the Townships of Covert, Geneva and South Haven (in Van Buren County); and Casco Township (Allegan County), and such other communities as shall join with the Authority at a later date.

The Authority is governed by a Board consisting of two (2) members from each jurisdiction listed above, and two members at large to be appointed by the Michigan Aeronautics Commission and confirmed by the members of the Authority. The number of board members from each governmental unit is based on total population and amount of State Equalized Evaluation for the respective governmental units.

Board members are appointed to four-year terms. The Board meets quarterly on the third Wednesday of the month, at the Airport.

FAA information for the South Haven Area Regional Airport is available on the AirNav website.
South Haven Area Regional Airport
73020 County Road 380, South Haven, MI 49090

Dave Johnson
Airport Manager

(City Representative)

Ken Ratzlaff
City Representative
Term: Indefinite