Election Commission


The election commission is hereby created consisting of the City Clerk, as Chairman, the City Attorney, and a person appointed by the Council who shall not be a Councilman whose tenure of office is expiring at the next regular annual election. The members shall serve without compensation. The Commission shall appoint a Board of Election Inspectors for each precinct, and have charge of all activities and duties required of it for each precinct, and have change of all activities and duties required of it by state law and this Charter relating to the conduct of elections in the City. The compensation for election personnel shall be determined by the Council in advance.  In and case where election procedure is in doubt the Election Commission shall prescribe the procedure to be followed.

Dawn of a new day at Bangor Michigan City Hall


Laura Roe
Ex Officio Chair/ City Clerk

Sterlin Mesadieu
Ex Officio Mem./ City Attorney

Regina Hoover
Member/ City Manager