One of the most important goals of this website is to provide transparency. To pursue this goal the City is following guidance from the Transparency Checklist.

Most records that the City of Bangor keeps are available to everyone through the Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Many records, including meeting minutes, are available in this website's growing Records Archive and its subpages.

All regular and special meetings of the City Council, various City boards and commissions, and other important dates are posted to this website's calendar.

If there is a record that you are interested in, and you cannot find it on this website, please contact the City's FOIA Coordinator, City Clerk Laura Roe.
This webpage is under construction, and as time passes, the following information will be added to it:

1. Tax, millage, and fee info
2. Contracts
3. Building permits and zoning info
4. City lobbying memberships
5. Management and City Council compensation
And more.