The City of Bangor has 5.94 miles of major streets and 10.18 miles of local streets maintained by the Department of Public Works. Also, 1.49 miles of State of Michigan highway M-43 are within the City - where it is also called Monroe Street.

The Michigan Department of Transportation maintains M-43, with some select assistance by the City Department of Public Works through a state trunkline maintenance agreement and cost reimbursement. City DPW work on M-43 includes some minor surface maintenance, sweep and flush, and winter maintenance for on-street parking on Monroe Street.
National Functional Classification Map

After M-43, the next most major streets in the City are the major collectors: Center Street (County Road 681 outside the City) and Arlington Street (Country Road 378/ 30th Ave. outside the City). After that, major and local street designations are through State of Michigan Act 51 of 1951. Center Street divides addresses in the City between east and west. Likewise, Arlington divides addresses into north and south.

Street work includes routine maintenance (such as street repairs and street tree care), bridges (the City has five), traffic services (including street traffic signage), winter maintenance, administration and engineering.